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Performers sometimes find a studio very daunting and it is often more convenient to record in an environment they are used to, or to record from a live performance where perhaps the audience will give a bit of a boost.  I simply turn up at your chosen location, and record your music, you can have fun while I worry about the technical stuff!

Ideally, your recording venue should be a room big enough for you, your band or singing group, but not too big, so we  avoid echo and other recording problems.  Critically, it should be free from any external noises e.g. traffic, pubs, factories, etc.  I bring all the equipment necessary to do “dry” live recordings which can then be mixed to your requirements. This is fairly low-cost and easy to do.

I have different systems, which is the right one depends on the size of the group and how complex you want the recording to be.


Mobile recording:

Recording systems:

16 channels dedicated recording rack:
A Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 with programmable pre-amps plus a Behringer ADA8200 to give 16 input channels and multiple outputs for headphones and monitors.  headphones can have separate mixes for each performer.  We can use this for solo performers or small groups or to do ‘layered’ recordings.  This system is easily portable, needing only the interface box pictured at the top of this page, and a laptop.  It’s also the system I use in the home studio.

32 channels:

A Behringer X32 digital desk with 32 input channels and 16 output mixes for more complex recording situations in a ‘studio’ or ‘live’ environment.

You can also record at my home studio: it is small but OK for one or two performers or we can use a larger room as the systems are portable and don’t take a lot of setting up.