Hudson Sounds


Of course you can get tapes transferred straight to CD or DVD easily using any of the people who advertise on the Internet.  However....

I do more complex jobs where the material needs to be edited or processed carefully.  For example I recently transferred 8 cassette tapes of live recordings which were done in a pub.  This required selecting the individual songs, EQing the tracks to bring out the music, reducing background noise where possible and editing out unwanted sounds such as the swinging door into the pub kitchen!  From this I compiled a twin CD set with customised graphics, etc.

VHS tapes are more problematic as they are often very badly degraded.  If video has been lost then there is not much can be done.  However new titles can be added to the video and the sound track can be sometime brought back to life.

What ever state they are in, it’s worth transferring them just so they can be preserved for longer.

Tape to CD transfer

VHS tape to DVD transfer